Welcome to the CMA Rest of Scotland web site.

The Christian Motorcyclists Association is an international charity mission of multi-denominational Christians who are bikers, or enthusiastic about motorcycles. As such, we are not a motorcycle club.

Our aim is to bring knowledge of God to others through finding the personal love and salvation that Jesus Christ our Lord offers to everyone regardless of who they may be or what condition their lives are in. Largely, but not exclusively, that mission work is in the motorcycle community, which we all love.

Our branch, Rest of Scotland , welcomes all old and new friends (regardless of where you live, your sex, race, religion, or creed, or none) and to a new life along with us and with the Lord Jesus.

If you want spiritual help or guidance or prayers or would like us to attend a function or event. We will help if we can. You can contact us by email by clicking on Contact Us

A warm welcome awaits anyone who wants to ride with us informally or as a supporter at any time, and especially to our ride outs during each summer month. You can see what we are doing by clicking on the links above.