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The North Wales branch has been made up from Merseyside and South Wales branches. We cover a huge geographic area, which is the whole of GWYNEDD, CLWYD, ANGLESEY. Since we have not had many meetings this year due to Covid-19 and the closure and sale of the DOOF cafe where we met once a month, we in the North Wales Branch, we have decided to have a reshape of how we go about our meetings and outreach. We have chosen to go at things on a nomadic approach, this means we will not have a meeting place for a monthly meeting, we will be out on the road as much as possible at least 3 weekends in a month, going to different biker spots and setting up camp for the day with biker  bibles and leaflets in our top boxes. When we need a meeting to discuss business matters we will look for a meeting venue or we will hold a virtual meeting on a platform e.g. zoom. For meeting places or meeting info please. Contact Bob on either  or join or Facebook page for regular update 

Stay safe ride safe all in the name of JESUS,

 Blessing CMA North Wales

Contact Details

Contact Name: Robert (Bob)

Contact anytime between 06.00 and Midnight. Sunday I am in church meeting

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call for help to Serve

Event Date: 04/08/2021

CMA North Wales have just had a call to serve for a church in Ynys Mon, this is in a deprived area where the church and focusing on, OUR call for help is in the need of bikes, to put on show, if you can help please contact branch Chair Bob on his details as above,